Guide to installing fascia, soffit and guttering

Get a close up look

When  choosing a fascia soffit and guttering installer have a good look at some of their work and speak to some of their existing customers.


At Fascia Fit Direct we will happily supply you with addresses locally or phone numbers of our customers so you can see for yourself the quality of our workmanship.


We will arrange a site visit so we can discuss your project and work out the best and most cost effective method to bring your house back to life.


We will be delighted to offer free advice please call 01206 825022/07805 418822 



​Its all about the finish


There are far too many companies out there that have the 'That'll do' attitude.


Fascia Fit Direct prides itself on the quality of its finish. Extra time is always dedicated to making sure your project looks immaculate.


A good example is the image on the left. This is called a Box End. The image shows how a box end should be constrctucted. Beautifully cornered, no visible nails and angles cut perfectly and all cut in one whole piece.


Now take a look around at your neighbours who have had theirs replaced very few will be fnished to these high standards.


Done well soffit and fascia installation can bring a property back to life. Getting your fascia done properly will mean you will only have have to pay for this once.


​Remedial works, Eaves protection and Bird Guard

Let the buyer beware!


It is very common once removing the existing fascia to find a little rot set into the timbers. Both the rafter feet and the eaves can be affected. The proper course of action is to cut out the rotten areas and be replaced by treated timber. All to often companies will charge outrageous amounts to rectify this. At Fascia Fit Direct any repairs are included in your original quotation.


Eaves Protection System


As part of your Fascia and soffit package an eaves protection system and bird guard are installed for piece of mind for years to come.