Fascia and Soffit Installation Ipswich

A Soffit and Fascia in ipswich. This project was made more interesting by the fact that the property still had the original asbestos soffit and guttering in place. Ordinarily asbestos soffit is left in place as it is best left in situ. However as the guttering and downpipes were were still asbestos the customer felt it would be best if all asbestos was removed. We carefully removed it all and arranged for a specialist asbestos removal company to remove it from site. You MUST use accredited asbestos removal companies as there is massive fines for anyone unaccredited to remove this waste. The property itself was quite old and a lot of the rafter feet etc were out of place so to get the fascia and soffit looking nice and straight an awful lot behind work was required. Having taken a day or so more than anticipated the project was finished and we and the customer were delighted with the new fascias

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